Our Building Process

Proridge Homes is committed to excellence when it comes to building your dream home. From the onset, our experts at Proridge will help you acquire the right piece of land and through our tried and tested building process, we will build your custom home on time and on budget.  

1) The Right Land

We take the time to perform research determining the best possible land for both rural and urban development. Taking into consideration your budget, factors such as water quality, proximity to utilities and soil tests, we ensure you have a complete set of options and recomendations before the project begins.

2) Budget & Financing

With over 20 experience performing estimates for projects of all types, to complex, our pricing is consistent and appropriate to your needs and budget. Having the expertise and personnel to quote any project, regardless of complexity allows you peace of mind and confidence.

3) Home Design & Options

Our designers can turn your idea into a reality and make creative strides while keeping the budget of your project in mind. Whatever the scope, we can design it within the boundaries without sacrificing detail or quality. With the proper consultation, the design is kept affordable while retaining the features you desire.

4) Suppliers

After signing the building contract, a consultation with our construction co-ordinator where we will take you step by step through the process of identifying each supplier and the costs, to further demonstrate all is within the specifications of the project’s budget.

5) Construction

The entire construction process is guided by our experienced and knowledgable supervisors, and performed by respected and established tradesmen and suppliers. We have equally rigorous standards of quality assurance for each and every home we build regardless of budget or complexity.

6) Possession

Upon completion of your home, we schedule another appointment with you and the construction coordinator to ensure the house is free from deficiencies or defects of any kind.